Do I have a right to be upset?

So last year was my freshman year of college. My friend and I , who’s also my roommate, decided to move into our own apartment this year as sophomores. COVID hit and were trapped in a lease so I’m four hours away from home with no car and no in person classes whereas she’s just an hour away.

It’s not her fault or anything because of that, I made the decision to move away from home. I’m just one of those people who dosent miss home and my family until I’m away from them. For me absence makes the heart grow fonder and I like having time to myself and having my own life.

Anyways, it was mainly her idea to have the apartment and i agreed because I thought it was a good idea.

so the problem is she goes home every weekend ( she has a car ) and leaves me by myself. I know it’s not her responsibility to make sure I’m taken care of and she invites me to go with her and stuff. However it’s just kind of annoying because she’ll literally go home wendnesdays and not come back until The next Tuesday.

I feel like this is her flop house where she can just invite her boyfriend or just go when she wants to be away from her parents but she’s barely here. It’s her bday tomorrow so I understand why she went home but she does this every single week.

She sees her parents all the time so I mainly think it’s unnecessary, especially when they just came down to visit a couple of days ago.

I’m mainly upset because I didn’t sign up to have an apartment by myself. Do I have a right to be upset?
Do I have a right to be upset?
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