Is it true that you can’t help who you love?

I started dating my boyfriend a few months back until he started to show his abusive side when he gets/got angry which happens often because the smallest things upset him but on the flip side when he isn’t like that and is himself and not blacked out from anger and taking it out on me he’s a gentleman and a sweetheart. He makes me laugh, he’s intelligent, he talks about our future often and puts work into making our plans together in the future happen. Which is why it’s hard for me to let go even though I know it’s dangerous and risky to be with him. I say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing and that’s all it takes for him to get upset and eventually attack. I always accept his apologies. I attempt to ignore him and get away for awhile but something just brings me back to him. I just hope and want to see him be better as far as that goes but everyone tells me he won’t.
Is it true that you can’t help who you love?
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