This girl is uncanny and weird, HELP?

This attractive young woman added and we started talking. She asked me out several times because I told her that I was seeing someone but we could be friends. ( actually my girlfriend left me but I was not going to tell her the story of my life since I am very private)... we were talking practically everyday and the out of the blue she blocked me. I was pissed off then she unblocked me after 2 days and messaged me, I replied asking her what was going on and impulsively blocked. She reached me other social media and I blocked her there too. She contacted me again Using an old account after a few weeks and told me the story of my life to the minute details that my ex left me and I have not yet moved on etc.. I was shocked! She started describing me (which is pretty accurate!) and that she blocked me because she felt something was not right with me and that she could not figure me out.
she mentioned secret stuffs that only my ex and I know. So I asked my ex if anyone contacted her and she said no one contacted her.
This girl is weird and very persistent for me to date her.
she even call herself my soulmate... what you think?
This girl is uncanny and weird, HELP?
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