Was my boyfriend toxic or was it because of his anxiety?

I have been dating a boy, he used to be very jealous before, every time I told him that I had made a friend and he told him that that person was kind or that he reminded me of how good people he asked me " and why don't you make him your boyfriend? or I don't give a shit about them "and he got angry because he thought he was comparing him with others, every time he mentioned an ex-boyfriend, he got angry even though he told him that he mentioned them to remind him that he was better than them since He asked me if he had surpassed my ex (if he was better than them) he also used to joke saying that he was going to leave me for one of his friends or that I was going to leave him for someone else although he told me that he did that because I was very cold with him and he did not understand it because why I am to blame for that? Now he tells me that it is because he needed to keep distracted with something since he has a lot of anxiety (he usually gives attacks where he feels he is going to die and other things) as well as personal problems even (which he doesn't tell me) he always used to make an excuse by blaming me or his anxiety to justify what he was doing, and i had forgiven him all that because I googled a little more about anxiety, which makes him overthink things like: What if they doesn't love me as much as I love them?
What if they're lying to me?
What if they're hiding something from me?
What if they're cheating on me?
What if they want to cheat on me?
What if they like someone else better?
What if my anxiety ruins our relationship? (anxiety about the anxiety)
What if we break up?
What if they don't text me back?
What if I'm always the first one to reach out?
What if they ghost on me? something that he could have thought about and caused him to behave towards although it could also have been because I am his first girlfriend and he does not know how to handle a relationship since he can be very immature and dramatic at times
Was my boyfriend toxic or was it because of his anxiety?
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