Haven’t talked to my girlfriend in days?

I’ll keep it as brief as possible and as unbiased as possible.

last week was great with her, it was going so well, or it was to me anyway. Then Monday all of a sudden she was very off, usually we call or talk at least once a day and we text a lot too, but it went from normal to zero. I sorta turned a blind eye for a day, I asked is she was ok she said yeh, but after over a day of that I asked what as wrong, why the sudden drop off. She got angry and said she could be available “whenever you want” which, I wasn’t arguing, she was just very hostile.

So eventually it turned into an argument and ultimately I ended up just giving her some space. She doesn’t seem affected by the lack of me at all. I’ve seen her about and on social media and stuff and she seems happier without me there. I’ve tried to contact a couple times, asked how she was etc. But I just get the most dead answers you’ve ever seen, that coupled with the fact I’d be lucky to get 3-4 replies a day at the moment. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t done anything majorly bad, I’ve thought long and hard about what I could’ve done. I really don’t think she’s the type to cheat. We’ve both been cheated on before so we both know that feeling so I really can’t see it.

other information relevant is that we’ve been together for around 2 months, she’s 19 I’m 21. Last weekend literally 2 days before this all started I’m almost certain she was hinting at her nearly saying the L word if you know what I mean. I think I love her so I would’ve said it but I really can’t think of what’s happened or what I should do, it’s really demoralising me, we were so close before and now i feel like a stranger.

any advice is appreciated
Haven’t talked to my girlfriend in days?
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