Why Am I Hurt Over a Married Man?

There is a guy that lives locally to me and he is very handsome. Whenever we would see each other he would stare at me (and everyone usually notices!). This has been ongoing for almost 2 years lol.

He has tried to talk to me here and there but I would always avoid that situation because I discovered through social media that he is indeed married.

To make things funnier, I saw him at the supermarket with his wife one day, and he left his wife and began following me trying to speak to me. I avoided.

So today I overheard his friend asking him how his newborn baby was doing. He blatantly took the baby photo out right in front of me and stared at me as he showed off his son.

I feel quite upset and I don't even know why. I always knew he was married... but why was he flirting this whole entire time if he was loyal to his wife? Can someone please clarify this or maybe knock some sense into me?
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Update: he's somehow found my best friend's TikTok account, followed her and liked the video she made of us 2 (: (: (:
Why Am I Hurt Over a Married Man?
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