Guys, I started to ignore him. Am I overreacting?

Is it bad if a guy doesn’t contact me first? The only way we have conversations is if I contact him first, but I don’t want to annoy him by constantly initiating messages. He has started conversations few times but only a few. by the way we barely know each other.

I’ve replied few times to his instagram stories but he hasn’t done the same back to me lately altough he watches eagerly my stories. Our conversations have been very friendly and he has replied back to me promptly ( his replies are decent, he uses a lot of emojis and he heart react my messages when we talk in the dms). One time he even wrote me long paragraphs and also he one time sent me a short disappearing video. He has wished me goodnight when I told him that I’m going to bed. He’s complimented my hobby: He’s responsive when I contact him but he doesn’t contact me first. Now we haven’t talke for a month since Iast time replied to his story.
I don't know what to do. I have started to ignore his story updates now and I won’t contact him again.
Guys, I started to ignore him. Am I overreacting?
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