Do you think he has a thing for her, he refused to block her?

I can’t say anything anymore but my ex has been kinda flirting with this girl. We were together a while but i cheated and so has he but it’s just toxic. Recently i’ve heard from people he’s been speaking to this girl and kissing her at parties and stuff and they have been texting recently. i KNOW she likes him considering when we were together and they went to a party they almost kissed. When we were together i told him to block her on snapchat and everything and he refused to block her. He said you know we didn’t kiss so why should i. Now a days i’ve just heard a rumour that she’s flirting with him and he’s kissing her and they both flirt with one another. Do you think considering he didn’t block her when i asked he’s always had a bit of a thing for her? I know i did wrong but i miss him. She’s also a bit of a home wrecker and i know she has no loyalties to me since i don’t know her. I know they haven’t had sex i’m sure of it but the fact he didn’t block her confuses me. She’s really pretty. I asked him how he felt about her and he said he doesn’t want her but she likes me? But i’ve been told he kisses her at parties and they were kissing the other night
Do you think he has a thing for her, he refused to block her?
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