I love my teacher but our relationship is so complicated?

My history teacher and I have started dating secretly one year ago. It was after class when he gave me private tutoring about a subject I didn’t understand. We then camemto speak about different things and then he confessed me that he had feelings for me and kissed me. I too have had a crush on him for a long time and so we started dating. Then we came together and are still in a secret relationship for one year now. We love each other dearly and our relationship is the best and healthiest one I‘ve ever had, no drama and no mind games. He is so gentle, mature, romantic, funny, very smart and has a lot patience with me (we didn’t sleep with each other yet). Just the fact that we have to keep it as a secret makes it a little difficult. This has no impact at all at my grades. I tried to tell my best friend about this secret and she said I just was a gold digger because no one would ever date such an old man (he is 38 and I am 18). But I don’t care about his money at all, I can finance myself perfectly and just love him for who he is.

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I love my teacher but our relationship is so complicated?
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