Is He is to desperate?

Is he desperate for a relationship?
There’s this guy I saw at a school event four years ago. when I saw him he was fine as hell and was interested in him. well he texted me on Facebook we did talk maybe 2 years ago. at that time he was in relationships and wasn’t available he just got out of one 6 weeks ago. from a 1-2 year relationship. well it’s been almost a week and he is desperate also he said we should take it slow and go my own pace. I don’t know I feel something is off he is too open about his feelings and already talking about me to other people in just a week. they don’t know who I am but he says he really likes me. he talks about his finances and too much about his personal life to soon. I do really like him but I don’t want to have sex and stuff to soon when I haven’t known him and it looks like it’s going down that path fast. we met this week and meeting again tomorrow I don't know about this and people are staring to question on his side why he’s not texting or hanging with them anymore also he gained a lot of of weight like 50 pounds since high school so he has the face but the body not so I don't know if he is desperate since girls aren’t on him like that anymore. I don't know what to think it’s all so sudden because I liked him before and never gave me a time a day now he is so I don't know and the last relationship he had was a girl in another state. we even sleep on the phone at night and he is already talking about my parents just

So sudden
Is He is to desperate?
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