I really need help, I’m so confused?

i just got into a relationship, the 29th of this month, will be a month since we got together. i don’t mean to really put my boyfriends business out here but i just don’t know what to do. we both have some rough past, he’s had it worse than me though. my problem has always been a fear of loving someone and opening up. not only that but I've been emotionally abused as well, by people i was close with. but he’s the first guy that i have opened up to and loved from the bottom of my heart (or trying to) in a while. he’s been sexually abused, used, cheated on (i also have been cheated on), and he’s depressed. he’s been holding on to this trauma for a years, so sometimes days are very rough. i tend to ignore it because not every relationship is perfect, besides i understand why he reacts this way. i told him he needs to try and accept and forgive the people that hurt him. but there’s just so much anger and rage that he can’t do that. he even said that we might not even last due to both of us hiding our feelings so much. i told him we can always talk and work things out, but after the argument we had, i’m starting to see what he means. i do love him but for some reason, i don’t want to leave him, i just can’t. I don't know what to do. also anytime i’m upset about something he’s always trying to get me to talk to him about my feelings but somehow it always ends up with him complaining more about his own feelings.
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to focus more on the good, he has said that he loves me so much more than i know and that i gave him a reason to wake up everyday in the morning. and how i always put a smile on his face. this is why i just thinking he’s having another episode or something and that everything’s gonna be okay. i just hope we last. i just pray he gets the help and the peace he deserves.
I really need help, I’m so confused?
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