How do you close yourself off?

I've been told by girls I'm interested in (and those who are initially interested in me) that they hate that I treat other girls nicely (in the way that I do). They feel like they aren't special because I put in a lot of effort for most of my friendships and not just them. Of course I reserve certain types of behaviour whenever I'm actually in a relationship, there's no flirty stuff, I don't do anything even close to what I'd see as cheating, and I try to be very transparent about how I talk to other girls (again, NOT flirty in the slightest), but they still tend to feel like they are just another girl in my life. I understand them completely but I don't know how I'm supposed to change that yknow? I happen to enjoy making people feel good about themselves, I make a point of saying I care about them often, because I want people to feel like they are important.
How do you close yourself off?
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