Girls, My boyfriend and I don’t live together. What can I do?

Hello! I and my boyfriend wanted to move in together, but we couldn’t because of his work. (Actually, I think that it was only me who really wanted to move in together). The problem was that when he graduated from his college, he wasn’t looking for a job for some months, then I insisted on him finding a job. He found a job after 4-5 months, worked for two months, and lost his job due to Coronavirus. I understand the situation, but everything is quite normal in our country at the moment. He found a new job one month ago. But he is dissatisfied with it. He wants to leave his job. I said him that he is 25, and still living with his parents. Although we wanted to move in almost 1.5 year ago, but he doesn’t care what I’m saying... I decided to break up with him because of the situation.. Am I right or not? I think that he just doesn’t want to work.. His friends are married, have babies, but we don’t live together yet... I supported him during the whole time. I feel really disappointed now. I am student, but I’m working part-time. I didn’t ask for luxurious life, I just wanted to live together, and spend time together.. What should I do? No hate, please. Maybe I’m materialistic.. Sorry if I made mistakes, English is my second language.
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We have been in relationship for 3.5 years
Girls, My boyfriend and I don’t live together. What can I do?
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