Do you think physical abuse is ok in a relationship?

I hope the person who said that abusing their partner finds this post. I want both sexes to know it's never ok to hit each other. A relationship is made up of trust and love not pain and anger that leads to hurting each other physically. That includes pushing and shoving in any way. I was in an abusive relationship and a manipulative relationship and it really takes a toll on your mental health to the point where you want to end your life. To the abusers; we don't know who hurt you or why you're hurting but it's never ok. Of course we can't hold your hand and ask you why in the most perfectly worded words but "putting her/him in check" isn't gonna do anything but make them fear you rather than love you. At this point they don't love you they fear you, and fearing you makes more anger and resentment and pain and once they're free from you you're just gonna go back to targeting yourself instead of looking for the proper help.

I don't want to read the same excuses; "it's to put them in check" or "it makes me feel better" I'll leave this anon so you can tell us WHY you think abusing is going to resolve YOUR problems.
Do you think physical abuse is ok in a relationship?
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