I’m pretty sure this is true love?

I have liked this boy since middle school. I am now a senior in High School and he is now a freshman in collage. In middle school I wasn’t looking for a relationship and was very combative. The thing is he has blocked me on everything and wants nothing to do with me. He thinks I am still the same person I was back then in Middle School. Back then he also used to be a big player but he has changed a lot. All I want is to be able to hang out with him and date him. We have so much in common and as how hard as I try I can not get over him. I was thinking about sending a dm through another account to try and reach him but I was to scared to do it. I really want this boy. It’s been so long and I still am not over him. I will do anything to get him
I’m pretty sure this is true love?
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