Guys would this be a turn off?

Okay so i was dating this guy before for a month and we went on loads of dates but he said he does not want anything serious. We have sex from time to time and we hang out the whole night together and spend days together straight. He doesn’t want a relationship but i know he finds me attractive loves the sex and loves being around me.

He posted on his story a few weeks ago how he wants a girl who wears a football top for the team he supports. Anyways my dad supports the same team as him and bought me an oversized top of the football team that this guy supports. will he get freaked out if i send him a video in it, would you tjink it’s too much considering you aren’t together. I know he supports that team and he has the same top as me. I didn’t get it for him it was genuinely a gift lol and i want him to be impressed
Guys would this be a turn off?
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