Is it bad for me to go with someone who is just like me?

So me and him both have we are to ourselves... don’t like to party rather stay home give each other company... he’s overprotective and sensitive it’s like when it comes down to me he’s over protective but his sensitive side comes out if I talk about the past or ask questions his past... but I get it out of him when he is mad... then he will calm down by me being around and laugh with me and stuff... me I’m more open I tell him my experiences which crazy thing is it’s like we have same story but little different so when i talk and open up he do as well we are very very close he do tell me his feelings... but he do be getting annoying when he tryna tell me something and talk bout everything else but not the main thing until the end... he is soft hearted and respect women with children like single mothers but has a hard time saying his opinion about things he think are interesting to people and females think he’s being a type of way when he will read story’s comment on it which then I come in and defend him and wipe the other girls out he do the same with me for men I tend to be “ attractive “ they say... when he gets upset with me for no reason then I know it’s something I need to know.. then I’ll ask if I don’t feel like he telling me I’ll keep asking him questions around the same thing then he will cry and be begging me just to listen... oh and he called me stubborn but he’s a cool person another thing is I can also finish his sentences some times read his mind and feel what he’s feeling deep down
Is it bad for me to go with someone who is just like me?
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