What's your take on nagging in relationships?

Guys and girls, what’s your take on nagging in relationships? My girlfriend and I live together and she constantly follows me around and corrects every little thing I don’t do but she wants me to do. It drives me nuts! I own a cleaning business and work everyday and manage it. My girlfriend does not work and has disabilities and is unable to cook or drive so I do all that on a daily basis. She has a lot of little rules like, taking shoes off at the door, putting toilet seat down, putting electric chords away, hanging the towels to dry, washing my hands after peeing etc. she corrects me every single time I forget one of those. I forget a lot because I’m very busy and tired most days. Guys would that drive you nuts, and woman would you do that to your man? Or do you do that currently?
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So far feels like the woman are pro nagging and men are pro shut the fuck up
What's your take on nagging in relationships?
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