Trust issues are making me crazy. How to deal?

Hi! I have trust issues duo to a pathological liar ex and my dad cheating on my mom. I’ve been getting therapy. However, during the course, I ended up meeting an awesome boy and we’re currently in an exclusive relationship. We both break up at the same time and we started as friend, till we started developing feelings for each other. We live 1h distant, but duo my work we only see each other on weekends. Things were going great, but On summer he started working as a barman and I started getting very jealous. I also started stalking him and people he follows on Instagram. When he follows girls, I start making up scenarios on my head and I feel sad and bad. We travelled together for 2 weeks and things were amazing. I met his childhood friend and part of his family too. Now, that we are back, he went on a surf trip with his bestie and I’m starting feeling insecure again. I’m learning to develop self esteem in a relationship and also the word freedom inside of it. But sometimes it’s difficult. I feel like I’m lying to him. Especially when I stalk him. Some times he follows girls. I asked once “why” and he said there’s no specific reason (most of the girls are from the same town we were born). Some I know he “know” them, but others I’m not sure. Can you give me a good advice to stop making scenarios?
Trust issues are making me crazy. How to deal?
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