Who is right in this situation?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and 9 months. I have had issues with his texting/communicating skills ever since the beginning of the relationship which had gotten worse over time until a few months ago after complaining about it for so long. The main issue I'm having is that I have been secretly dating him behind my family's back because they're strict Asians and would get upset because he isn't from our cultural background.
Recently though, he sends me very romantic texts trying to do better to make me happy which I like but it pops up on the top of my phone screen whenever I'm trying to show my friends or FAMILY something on my phone (like a funny video or whatever) which he knows I do occasionally. So yesterday, I was sitting with my sister showing her clothes on social media, and he kept on blowing my phone up with romantic texts and hearts on top and would not stop. I'm not sure if she saw it but it definitely made me upset because he knew I was on my phone to begin with (social media showed him i was active) so he didn't have to send so many messages especially back to back. I tried to explain it to him and he got upset/sad because he was just trying to be nice, and tried to turn the tables on me and make me feel bad whenever I text him frequently. i'm not sure, i feel bad but at the same time it could've been avoided and i'm not sure if i made the situation worse or not. I tried to make it where we can express how we're feeling openly in the relationship but I guess not. What do you guys think?
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Who is right in this situation?
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