Do I sound unlucky?


I am 25 and while I have not had anything super unordinary happen like rare cancer or losing a limb, I am cursed in my own way. I have dealt with bullying in my younger years, I was never homeschooled & it resulted because kids were mean & being overweight did not help the issue. I lose weight and still have no friends, I’ve gone from being somewhat friendly to absolutely closed off & antisocial. I don’t speak to anyone at work, even here, I have one woman that I can’t stand and vice versa. For someone quiet yet still stands her ground, drama follows me everywhere. I’ve never had a real romantic relationship and only get noticed by undesirable men or good looking/douchey men.

What is killing my vibe are two recent unfortunate incidents. One, I purchased my condo last year and am dealing with noisy neighbors. While, I was told that this was not something I was going to deal with. And two, I rescue an elderly dog, who I was told did not have any ongoing health issues. Yes, he is healthy but has vomiting/takes leaks/poops often in my home. Life is so cold, when you’re told something and the exact opposite occurs. I was mislead and I just cannot have the ideal life. I understand life is supposed to have challenges but I just cannot have a smooth sail on a frequent basis. There’s always something else to ruin my mood & I know for a fact I’m one of the few rare people this happens to. I’m told that this happens to everyone but I don’t think to my severity.

Anyone else empathize or want to object?
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Do I sound unlucky?
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