Should I give him a second chance?

We have been together for 6 months and he's never shown me this behaviour before.

We went out on the weekend and met his friends for the first time, he commented on what I was going to wear, got completely wasted to the point i had to hold him up at times and was acting a bit of a lad hanging off girls but was telling them he loved me and how awesome I am. Then later on he asked if he could dance with a girl he’d obviously been attracted to for a long time and followed her around for a bit - she was his friends girlfriend.

He wasn't hitting on them but obviously liked a bit of the attention and i still feel betrayed and gives me anxiety thinking about him cheating, trust is a huge one for me.

Since he's been completely remorseful and visibly upset (crying and brought me flowers and won't stop messaging me) and trying to prove his love and dedication and assures me he would never cheat as he knows how it feels.

he's always been thoughtful, consisent in his contact and treated me really well and always tells me he loves me before all of this. Im still so hurt, angry and feel disrepected so have broken up with him at this point, as cheating is a deabreaker for me and im scared its a sogn he will in the future.

But maybe I am being too harsh for a first time offence, im early 40’s and dont want to waste my time, i have dated a bit and this is my first relationship after my divorce.

What do you think?
Should I give him a second chance?
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