Boyfriend hasn't talked to me in 4 days?

About 4 days ago my boyfriend and I were having a conversation and he told me he'd call me back (He had family over and wanted to spend time with them). He never called back which I didn't take personal because I understood that he was with his family. The next morning I call him and the phone rings once then goes to voicemail. I didn't think much of it because its possible that he could be busy. So I wait a couple of hours and call again, still no response. He's not big on texting so I just stuck to calling, and still no response. So coming up on the second day I decided to send him a text wishing him a good day, and mentioning that I hope he's okay because I haven't heard from him. I waited a couple hours and he didn't respond to the text so I called because at this point I'm worried because we talk daily and something could've happened to him. This time the call just goes straight to voicemail. I called a couple more times over the course of the day and still no response. Now on the third day I text and ask if he's going through something, or if he simply just doesn't want to talk to me, and that ill give him some space if that's what he needs. In 3.5 SECONDS he responds "Going through something, ain't trying to talk about it" and doesn't say anything or call for the rest of the day. So at this point I'm frustrated because I understand that he's going through something, but he could have at least answered one of my calls or messages to let me know that he was okay and nothing happened. A simple "I'm fine, I just don't want to talk" would have been perfectly fine with me. Now coming to the fourth day, he called me acting like nothing every happened. And when I expressed my frustration with him not letting me know sooner that he was simply going through something and didn't want to talk. His response was "yea sorry about that" with no explanation. I don't know if I'm making the situation deeper that what it is, or if I have the right to be mad.
Boyfriend hasn't talked to me in 4 days?
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