Do you think the girl i’m dating is toxic?

I’m a guy. Yes i am a guy i accidentally chose girl when making this when i was high.

Anyways i’ve been dating this girl for a while she is so lovely and nice and caring and such a sensitive soul. Before we dated she had sex with my brother. Yes i know. This was before i dated her and her and my brother were friends with benefits which is so awkward for me. She still speaks to him and i always see my name under his on snapchat but she claims that he messaged her and they’re just friends and stuff. We aren’t officially dating by the way i’m not sure what we are.

She has a very bad past which is just being promiscuous and sleeping around and she comes across as someone who will get bored easily and cheat. When she’s drunk one time i was about to leave her since i just couldn’t deal with the fact she slept with my brother and she went and cut her own wrist she was so upset. I know she was just drunk though she’d never normally do that. She is so good in bed though and so beautiful.

I know deep down she has a good heart but she has a lot of daddy issues and she likes attention. She’s so wild and i told her all this how she’s so wild and how she’s promiscuous and that she seems the type to cheat and be unloyal and she got so upset and now she’s not speaking to me. She still likes male attention. She genuinely is lovely but i feel like she’s toxic sometimes because she’s so emotional. She says she got with so many guys in the past because she falls in love with guys so quickly. Do you think she sounds toxic? i just can't trust her much. If i ignore her too she will straight up ask why and send something sexy of her to try and turn me on.
She’s so funny and nice i just think she’s. abit toxic and has a lot of healing! Opinions?
Do you think the girl i’m dating is toxic?
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