Is there true love and how do we know?

I don’t let emotions rule me when it comes to love & relationships. I’ve always chosen reason in the end and never regretted a choice I’ve made.
I left my first boyfriend because our relationship was toxic. My second relationship I ended even though I was in love but I knew he wouldn’t make me happy because he himself was unhappy and needed to heal himself.

My third relationship is on a different level. I love him deeply. He’s helped me become a better version of myself. He’s my best friend, my partner, my person. Our relationship wasn’t perfect but we both made an effort to improve. The problem is we’re not suited for each other. We have different life plans and expectations. I’m 6 years older than him.

I want to let him go because I think it’s the best for both of us but I feel such loss that I can’t deal with. I can’t imagine a life without him. A life without him feels like the wrong version of my life. Everyone says with time you get over someone you love, but do we really get over true love if there is such a thing? Do we get over someone we wanted a life with?
Is there true love and how do we know?
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