Should I meet him again?

I had asked a question previously about this man. i spent my vacation with him last year but now he is not ready to accept my share of expenses as agreed initially. our arrangement was that since i was short on cash he would pay for my food and shopping and i will return the money in 2 months. he doesn't want any money from me now.

but now he wants to travel with me again. sometime next year.. for around a month. he is 15 years elder to me. has 3 kids, divorced... still some weird co parenting this happening with his ex wife who is sleeping with someone else these days.. its complicated..

i am single. i feel safe with him. im nt into sugar daddy sugar baby stuff. i like him though we dont have a future together.

I am an educated woman, though i dnt earn much but i have my respect.. i slept with him coz i liked him. not because he was buying me food and providing me sheltar. we were not dating then nor we are dating now... but i miss the sex.. I miss how i would wake up in the morning and he is already inside me. i miss how he owned me in bed.

Should i wait to meet him again?
Should I meet him again?
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