Who do you want to Marry?

Given in a situation you only have to choose between these two girls, who do you want to marry for a lifetime?

Dian was born in a very poor family but now lived in a condominium for three years that was given by his past lover to her. She may not be physically beautiful but she likes to pleased a lot his partner by providing a place, money, good sex. She did not go to college and just met an old man who gave her a fortune and doing sideline jobs as her part-time.

Eloisa is working independently in a corporation with a minimum income and doesn't really depend on her rich family. She is good at savings and do improvements in life. She is beautiful physically but hurt by someone who abused her kindness. She may not be a great cooker as Dian, but she knows to cook & surprises her partner.
Who do you want to Marry?
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Who do you want to Marry?
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Who do you want to Marry?
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