Would you have sex with a girl in your ex coworker friend group if she asked?


to clarify it’s already an odd friendship; it’s a same friend group but don’t talk until you’re alone and then you feel compelled to tell them everything situation. i don’t have feelings for him but—for some reason i told him this—i’m also a virgin at 22. i’m just embarrassingly anxious. i’m not looking for a relationship and i’m not emotionally available enough either. and i know there’s people who prefer to wait but that’s just not what i want. the only issue with just going out—besides a pandemic—is that i am anxious so i would just want to be able to trust them. he’s been single for like six months now and a little while ago out friend group got together and i ended up staying at his house lather than everyone but this one other girl. this group is mainly my coworkers and we’re close but not like best friend close. so apparently the other girl has been going for him and they banged after i went home at like 10am. now under different circumstances, this would all be fine. but this is the second time he's made a move on me. a couple years ago he was single and we were at a party and he stayed in with me the whole time and was touching my leg. now he's complimenting my hair and touching it, asking me about my type, about sex, not wanting a relationship, tinder, etc. like one of the reasons i haven’t gone for it is that our friend he was with seems to be catching feelings talking about kids out of nowhere. like i just don’t want to make a move if they genuinely like each other. and i want to know if it would be wrong to just be straight up? should i tell him i know about him and our friend? should i just say listen you don’t scare me so you’re a good contender to do this with, and if you’re down i’m down? pls help me i’m just scared to offend anyone and rejection.
Would you have sex with a girl in your ex coworker friend group if she asked?
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