Help. Why does he tell me he’s single?

I’ve been friends with benefits with this guy for 2 years. He always tells me he’s single and not interested in anyone else. However, I see that sometimes he post pictures that he is out with a girl. He never shows her face, but I can obviously tell it’s a female. When I question him about it he always says it’s a sister, cousin or friend. Why can’t he just be honest with me? Yes I caught feelings for him. He tells me that he likes me as well, that I will have a special place in his heart and he would like a baby with me and whatever. But his behavior is still hot and cold. Yes I know we aren’t official, But I still have the right to know if he’s dating someone or having sex with someone else too. Specially since we aren’t using protection. Please share your opinion. What do you think is going on with him? How should I have a serious talk with him? Sometimes I get nervous and forget what to say or how to be strong and assertive.
Help. Why does he tell me he’s single?
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