How to convince my husband to have sex with me?

How to convince my husband to have sex with me?
I am 21 yo girl. My elder sis who I loved dearly passed away due to complications arising after child birth. She was married to a nice gentleman who comes from a different race and country.

I felt that the lord has taken away my sister but given me a child who I should love as my own and raise. There was a possibility that my sister's husband might marry someone eventually or move to another country with the child and I would loose all contacts with the baby. I could not imagine this child being raised by someone else. It took me a month to convince him to marry me as that was the only option we had to raise this child together.

It's been 10 months we are married and we never shared the bed. He has never touched me like a husband. Recently I asked him about this and he says he can't think of having sex with me. I am his dead wife's sister. He has married me because I asked him so. He thinks of me as a little girl. He is not seeing someone. I do not have any financial issues. He gives me enough money for everything.

What should I do? I just want us to be like a normal couple.
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I had a few doubts.

1. He has turned into a gay.
2. He is having an affair.
3. He has medical problems

After long discussions with him it turns out none of my doubts were true.

Its just due to our huge age gap he thinks I am still a child.
How to convince my husband to have sex with me?
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