Am I being abused?

I am not sure if I am being abused. In the past my partner called me an evil b*tch because he said I was ignoring him (I wasn't I was confiding in a friend as I had an argument with him and he kept constantly calling me). he's also called me an idiot and an asshole. His reason is he isn't directly calling me those names but its how I am 'behaving'. He records our conversations a lot and last weekend, he said via text 'having coffee and talking to mum' so when we spoke on the phone, I asked I thought he already called her because of the text he sent. He then proceeded to shout on the phone saying I am twisting words and accusing him etc when I did nothing wrong at all.

I got scared and hanged up and he came to my house. He then recorded our conversation in my house (which is illegal in my country). He said he should be the one scared of me and how he's walking on egg shells because I 'flipped out' when all I did was say maybe the relationship should end because I was stunned and in shock from that call. It was that bad my flat mate heard it and he was mortified too. Anyway, today I told my partner I sometimes feel neglected because we dont discuss plans (I was scared to mention it). And he calls me saying I am playing victim, I am being difficult and he can't be with someone if he can't raise his voice or speak like an adult. He said he has to talk to me like a child because I act offended easily etc and that I dont seem interested etc.

I am writing this to ask for an opinion. I dont understand why this is happening and it hurts so badly. When he shows he's 'annoyed', I feel like I am being scolded and can't handle being sworn at. I honestly would not intentionally upset someone etc but he when speaks or mentions things he makes me sound terrible and it makes me feel so bad as I know I would never do those things. Am I being abused?
Am I being abused?
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