What would this make you think?

Me and my boyfriend have been together 4 years we moved in together 4 months ago and we just had a baby 7 weeks ago everything's great I love him to pieces but lately any wee thing he's getting on like I'm going something

Today I went to my mums and my sister her boyfriend and his dad dropped me and the baby home and because they stopped down the straight abit (his dad thought he stopped outside my house)
He asked why u get them drop u down the street then didn't speak me and has been upstairs avoiding me since

Its really upsetting me I vant stop crying
Now I'm thinking is he thinking this way because he has a a guilty conscience he dosnt go out much but he could be texting someone are bringing someone when I'm out I just dunno why he would suddenly be so paranoid when he normally isn't
He knows how much I love him i would never do anything behind his back that's what hurts the most

I also wonder does the fact I'm carrying baby weight still and bleeding make him put off me I know I dont look good at the minute but I can't help it

What would you think
Insont wang question him i can't deal with arguments I'm I'm hormonal enough atm
What would this make you think?
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