Mutual respect in a relationship?

I've just noticed recently how much effort I put in the relationship in terms of everything and i don't feel like it's appreciated enough Also just overall respect, I'm totally 0 in money and everytime something doesn't go her way, she starts flipping out Like last time she didn't care that I had nothing to eat and had spent my last money on her... In the stores she would buy drinks but just for her and her homies she wanted to hang out with later that night I don't expect anything but still, i always give her something without question, specially if she would mention she'd be without money cause of me... Then if we would buy smokes she would just smoke 80% of it and leave z couple puffs to me even tho I paid and when she gets confronted she just gets at me for making her feel bad Also the thing that breaks me the most SHE KEEPS FOLLOWING/COMMUNICATING WITH GUYS I TOLD HER NOT TO OR WHOM SHE HAS A CRUSH ON Meanwhile I can't even go visit a female co worker cause she's so jealous not even look But i guess it's all right to speak with someone that tried to kiss u during our relationship... Even after I asked her to cut him off and warned her It's just lack of respect and trust in my opinion I go out of my way to do anything for her and respect her choices so i expect it to be returned Like it happened a few times but sometimes I just feel like how much longer? Cause I have a bunch of other problems just eating me inside, all the stresses Just had to get this off my chest i guess
Mutual respect in a relationship?
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