Would you dump your SO just because they voted for Trump?

My boyfriend and I just recently reconciled and are probably gonna break up over this.
We were in the care and I told him I didn't want to talk about politics then he said "well, you voted - who did you vote for?" and I said "not Biden" then he goes, "so you voted for Trump?" and I reluctantly said "yes."
Then he starts calling him a rapist, racist, conman, orange, blah blah blah. He kept telling me that what I did sucks and is not good - I am a 32-year-old woman and I make my own choices in life. I felt very cornered so I briefly went off and told him to get off my fucking back cause I feel judged and it's beginning to stress me out so he says sarcastically "wow, I'm really glad I came" then turned up the radio. He has *never* voted in his life at 32 years old but has the nerve to judge others. He's always doing this to me.
So, he took me home and didn't hug me goodbye. He said catch you later and walked away and it's been 2 days since we last talked.
We have been together for over 5 years and were close friends since 2008 - we talk about getting married, having kids, and all of that. I'm sick of him lecturing me all the time. He makes me feel like he thinks he's above me. How can he say he doesn't care about politics but then he lets it bother him that I voted for someone he doesn't care for? It's essentially my choice! I have to hide my views from most people other than my family and a handful of friends because I'm black and have some conservative views. I'm not saying Trump is perfect or anything but I was not going to vote for Biden - period.
Should I deal with him anymore? I feel like his dislike for Trump is more important than how he values me as a person. He clearly doesn't respect me.
1 y
We broke up. He told me to leave him alone.
Would you dump your SO just because they voted for Trump?
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