Should I inform my boyfriend my parents are toxic people?

This is my 2nd long term relationship, I've been living on my own for more than a year and he never met my parents. He has introduced me to his family (they all like me) and keeps asking why I don't do the same.

My parents were one of the main reasons my last relationship didn't work out. They meddled too much, made him feel like an outsider, made offensive jokes and even acted disrespectful towards his parents too. My mother would gossip bad things about him unstoppable to anyone, even strangers. It caused me lots of tears and headaches. I don't want the same thing happening again this time. I don't want drama.

Should I inform him the real reason? I'm very ashamed to have complicated, toxic parents that think no one is good enough for me.
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That's the same reason I moved out too. I was tired of toxicity and their overprotectiveness.
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In addition, now that I'm living on my own... my parents don't know anything about my dating life nor that he even exist. I want to keep it that way. They are too much to handle. I don't want to go through the whole process of trying to prove them wrong... that he's a good guy and acting as the mitigator on both sides... not again.
Should I inform my boyfriend my parents are toxic people?
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