Do I hate kissing?

I had a girlfriend, we started out as friends and after a date (sort of) we became a couple and kissed, it was my first kiss and I didn't really liked it.
We broke up about three weeks later because we realized it just doesn't work and I didn't really liked her and only got together with her because of the circumstances (the atmosphere was really romantic and I felt like we had to be together).
Now, it bothers me a lot because when we kissed, which was my first kiss (she had an ex for a year and a half so she isn't new to kissing) I didn't really liked it, I felt like some sort of a stupid fish that keeps opening and closing his mouth and I couldn't wait to end the kiss.
My proplem is that I dont know if I didn't like it because I had lacked the passion because I didn't really loved her, or is it because I am just a bad kisser or if it means that I just don't like kissing in general
Do I hate kissing?
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