Ladies, how do I respectfully escalate a relationship with a shy inexperienced girl?

I've been dating a woman for about 2 years now and things have been mostly good however there are times i wonder how into me she is, mainly because she will go days without initiating any contact with me but then will start initiating after going silent for about a week this happens every once in a while. She never ignores my texts and is always happy to reply quickly but i don't like initiating every day so i just let her go quiet until she starts to want to talk.
she also never invites me to her place just to spend time with her and its always me making the plans to hang out I feel I can't invite my self over to her place so its always out to dinner or movie or arcade etc. something that costs money i would invite her to my place more often but her work schedule is not as flexible as mine so its easier for her if I go to her. I don't mind this but i wish she would invite me to hang out for the evening and she never has.
She has invited me to several of her family gatherings including a 4 day trip which was nice so I have been around her parents but never just the 2 of us at her place. I should mention were both 30 and in a bit of a LDR with 2 hours between us making it hard for her to come to my place because of her work schedule.
We only see each other for about 3 hours once a month and I feel like she should want to see me more i know i want to see her more.
Another issue i have is there is not much if any closeness with us, we have kissed but just a peck and we hug but no more contact than that. I know the trouble is inexperience as i am her 1st boyfriend and she's my 2nd girlfriend with her being a virgin.
I am not trying to get her into bed and am happy to wait until marriage (she is a church going girl so I'm sure thats her plan and its fine with me) but i would like a little more intimacy with clothes on.

Ladies, how should I let her know I want to move this relationship forward without being disrespectful but also not coming off as needy?
Ladies, how do I respectfully escalate a relationship with a shy inexperienced girl?
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