Hurtful girlfriend what should I do?

My girlfriend is hurting me and I am really feeling bad and beating myself up almost everyday. She speaks as if I am hurting her a lot but I really don’t feel that. She is the one who is hurting me and I really can’t take it. She says I’m hanging to her though she don’t like me and tell me to leave. And when she cools down she says she loves me and she told all that when angry. The thing is she is using that leave me card for everything and I can’t even be free with her to tell her when I make a mistake. But she is lashing out even for misunderstandings and telling me to leave. And again after sometime she speaks calmly. I can’t keep up with her emotional instability and it’s hurting me like hell and my mental health is getting worse. Above all these I love her and I want her to be calm and tell when she has a problem instead of saying ‘leave me’ and not saying what her problem is correctly. I don’t me I what to do and I’m stressed out and emotionally exhausted.
Hurtful girlfriend what should I do?
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