I feel nothing towards my boyfriend?

Before I used to like him but then I started to feel nothing, especially after I felt like he was playing around or cheating or something. He just seemed guilty of doing something, he claimed he was just depressed. I also never really know if he's bringing other girls around and his family knows about it but are playing along.

I know he chats with people that he plays video games with, so I'm hoping those conversations are innocent. He hasn't mentioned that he chats with them though. I want to trust him and give him the benefit of the doubt.

Now when I'm around him I'm indifferent, I don't need an emotional connection to have sex with him. My words are empty. I can tell him I miss him and I won't mean it or tell him he's "special to me" and feel nothing.

Sometimes I think about what other guys can provide me as opposed to him. Like dates and stuff. (he's cheap and quit his job and planned to move to Florida, then we met up and he stayed). I had to pay for an uber to go see him (which was only like $7), when he could've asked his sister to give me a ride. Sometimes I feel unsure about things. He seems sweet though (He likes to please, he's made me dinner before, he tells people about me).
I feel nothing towards my boyfriend?
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