My fiancé has been communicating with his ex. What do you think it means?

My fiancé asked me to check his bank account, I needed a verification code & it was sent to his email, I retrieved the verification code. He doesn’t normally use this particular email, but the next message underneath was from his ex. Weeks went by I didn’t check it, he started to act differently and my intuition told me something was up, so I checked it. I know I know invasion of privacy. My fiancé reached out to her apologizing for the way he created her, and for ruining her life, back in February. She responded coldly. Months went by again and she sent him a message asking for money he didn’t respond, then she sent another message upset about a pet name he used to call her, she found out it meant slave, she was hurt that he used to call her that. They got into an argument. He told her he used it jokingly. Then he asked her if the reason she reached out to him is because she misses him, she asked him for money again, and then he started asking her for s*x, saying I bet you’re n*ked right now, and he asked for n*ked pictures. He offered to come over and give her oral, saying he can taste her right now. He said I can see me choking you and f****** you hard missionary. You still like that? She kept mentioning he has a girlfriend, and she only wanted to borrow money. Months went by and she finally accepted his offer, he told her he was joking, and he completely moved on, and he wants her to do the same. I am very confused about their interactions, what do you think this all means? Should I tell him I read their emails, and ask him what it means?
My fiancé has been communicating with his ex. What do you think it means?
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