Girls, Ladies how would you feel if your husband was texting a female coworker?

Maybe I am being paranoid but I thought id get your honest views. I’ve worked for a large company and a decade ago I worked at this one location with this one girl who worked at the location my husband did... she was doing relief at my location. She’s a great hardworking girl with a down to Earth attitude. I non chalently told her she was working with my husband, i even showed her our wedding photos. She was kind and complimented the photos. Fast forward... her and my husband text often. Thing is they haven’t worked with each other for 7 years now but they keep in touch. My husband shared with my that she plays video games just like Him.. i do too just not his type... but she does and sometimes they arrange a remote game day and time. Once he handed the phone to me because she was playing a game I played and he asked me to help her...

Maybe it’s all nothing but when he took a shower I checked his phone and they text often.. nothing sexual or flirtatious but either about work or parenting (she’s a single mom), or memes (i find them annoying but she finds it hilarious), games... like a week doesn’t go by without them communicating.

this weekend i took him n the kids to my parents place where wifi is shotty and I saw they were making gaming plans but he said the internet was messed up so they can try when he gets back. He couldn’t go the weekend without texting her. His last reply to her was at 11:14pm

I know there’s nothing sexual or flirtatious in his texts but I dont know how to feel about this... Thoughts?
Girls, Ladies how would you feel if your husband was texting a female coworker?
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