How to stop all my happiness depending on one person?

For 9 months now my whole happiness and well being has been totally dependent on the guy I’ve been dating.
When things have been going well, I have been happy and healthy. But when things have been going badly, i. e when he doesn’t speak to me for a day or so or when we argue, I feel like my entire world is falling apart. I can’t concentrate at work, I ignore all my friends, I argue with my mum, I feel totally and utterly depressed and can’t get excited about anything. I also don’t eat meals or sleep.

Unfortunately, bad times are fairly frequent as he is not mentally secure himself and has a lot going on so can;t always be there for me as much as I would like.

I acknowledge its not his fault he has this effect on me, and I need to think about how i can have an ‘action plan’ so I dont feel this way when he doesn’t speak to me.

People have told me I need to dump him as friends and family are losing their patience And sympathy with the situation. But if I dumped him I know I would be unhappy 100% of the time, whereas at least as things are I do get periods of happiness.

Any advice would be appreciated...

im 23 by the way
How to stop all my happiness depending on one person?
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