I want to single again. Is this normal?

I have been with my boyfriend for just under six months
There has been absolutely nothing wrong with our relationship, he treats me amazingly. A real gentleman, you know the works.
Our personalities gel really nicely aswell.
I was really into him at the beginning of the relationship, however I actually start to get anxious whenever we make plans or meet up.
Again, nothing has gone wrong. We haven’t had a fight, he hasn’t changed nothing like that.
I’ve come to the realisation that I miss being single. I miss being able to flirt with guys when I go out. I miss the single life basically.
(I want to clarify that I have not cheated on him in any way shape or form)
But I feel so guilty for thinking these things.
Is this normal? Does these feelings make me an AH?
I don’t want to just give up if this is something that will subside with more time etc
I want to single again. Is this normal?
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