Should I End My 7 year Relationship?

I’m in my 20s , and I’m seriously considering ending my 7 years relationship. Trust and commitment issues were a big issue in the first years of our relationship, but hard work got us into a stable relationship for the past 3 years (we were on and off for 4 years prior that). It was brought to my attention in the past couple months he was talking to others at the beginning of our relationship (have no idea for how long, it could be weeks, months, or years). Which I forgave him for, Then he tells me he is interested in men as well as women. That he communicates with male friends he’s attracted to and likes on a personal level and would not mind dating (I don't know why he thinks it’s appropriate to have deep romantic feelings for others while in a committed relationship). And he tells me he has more secrets, but swears it has nothing to do with me. We have a great relationship now, we love each other, he’s always supportive, I have dinners with his parents, couple dates with his friends and we’re planning on moving in together, but I don't know. I have always put everything in making the relationship work, and believed in working through things together. But sometimes I get tired of trying anymore

I don’t know if his actions are normal, and I’m just an insecure person.

Should I leave him, or continue trying to understand where he’s coming from?
Should I End My 7 year Relationship?
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