How does being showered with gifts relates to love?

My mother keeps on saying if my boyfriend gives me gifts and loves me then she'll treat him like a son. After she was horrible to him for years (kept telling me ''that idiot, he's stupid'' till May-June), I don't believe a single word. He has nothing to like about her at all. Even if she does what she's promising, that doesn't mean he'll reciprocate. There will never be a sincere friendship between them... never. She lost him for good. He doesn't even care about her approval at this point.

She thinks a man giving you gifts and taking you out on many dates (not being cheap) means he loves you. I don't she understands the concept of love. If anything, he's helping me how to start my own business. I'm learning because of him. I've always wanted to be an independent woman that has a supporter and faithful man.

I've heard of guys that take their woman on dates and buy them expensive gifts and they still cheat on her. Is that love? Nope. So what does getting gifts and going on many dates relates to love?
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He helped me learn how to cook too. I was clueless in life. I was like a fish taken out of the water, asphyxiating. My mother messed me up by spoiling me too much to the point I learned absolutely NOTHING, no life skills, no social skills, no nothing. He's helping me lift up my potential. He sees more in me than what my mother sees.
If that's not love (pushing someone to learn and get better in life) than she's blind.
How does being showered with gifts relates to love?
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