My girlfriend asked for a break after delayed trip?

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She told me she already wanted a break (last week) but we reconciled and i made it my mission to do everything she wanted, which I didLike the entirety of last week I spent all my time and money on her, did anything she asked or someone else in her family wanted/asked forShe was even blaming me for things she said I shouldn't have to do (Example; she told me I could keep up longer nd sleep longer after a party and that i didn't need to worry bout cleaning upNow she says i never helped her and didn't even wanna come to bed the same time as her...) I know her personality, she is someone whom is quick to jump aboard, she's very impulsiveWhich makes it harder if u get disappointedSo now she's asking for a break cause a booking site wouldn't allow my back card to pay... even tho I told her we could even leave this morning since my parents set it all upThen it's "no, u already said it wouldn't work blabla"I love her to death fr just hope she comes to her senses and realizes how petty it is, a month before our anniversary... She said we break for one week then u can come pick up your pieces... when I was at her place yesterdayI can tell she still loves me, cause every time I answer her she knows I'm right and starts crying... What should I do? Give her space definitelyTime alsoAnd just pray/hope she comes to senses?
My girlfriend asked for a break after delayed trip?
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