Is it bad to stay single for life?

I been through mountains of trauma including kidnapping, abuse, bullied, and seeing so many people die in front of me. I’m still struggling to get to the place I belong. I have a big heart on me. I love and I care about people way more than I should be caring. I love making people happy. I don’t understand why men do me wrong. I don’t understand why people take things from me and give it to others. I don’t stand up to most in life so I’m easily manipulated and bullied. I had to let go of friends because they were mentally abusive to me. I have people to take things from me and turn it around on me trying to make me jealous. I don’t know why I’m such a target for bullying and abuse. I called my dad after he abandoned hoping we could talk. He left me almost 8 months ago and never said a word. We use to talk and laugh on the phone. Now he’s gone as well. I rarely date hardly ever. I’m a introvert and lonely person. I just prefer to stay to myself
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Thank you everyone for their opinions. I live a sheltered life so I trust hardly anyone but when I do betrayal occurs. I try my best to always be positive minded and keep others uplifting as well. I recently let everything and everyone go that was hurting me. I’ve always been a loner. I thank everyone for also sharing their personal experiences. I bury do much in my mind that I don’t hardly remember any past trauma. I learned how to deal with this and keep going in life. I never give up
Is it bad to stay single for life?
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