How can I curb my excessive pride?

Hi everyone, I don't normally do this but I'm at a psychological crossroads in my life and I thought it best I share a small piece of my story and get people's opinions and help.

Let me preface by saying like many people, I had a pretty rough life in my teenager years. Being of mixed race and chubby, you can imagine I was bullied, a LOT. Both physically and verbally, and by a good portion of the school, I was THAT kid. It was relentless.

I'm going to be honest and say there was even a low point where I even began to actually believe all the insults and that it was best for everyone that I wasn't around anymore.

Everything changed when I was horribly made fun of by a girl I liked, I don't know what it was but something just...switched that day. I had a choice to either be the worthless thing everyone said I was, or rise above it. I chose the latter.

The next couple of years would mark one of the biggest changes and eye openers in my life. Feeding off of that drive, I would from then on dedicate every waking hour improving myself both physically and mentally. Countless hours spent in all night gyms and studying, the transformation I underwent in just the first few years was radical.

Flash forward to now and I am in the best shape of my life and I have been employed for some time now as a Full Stack Software Engineer.

But the truth is my success came with one very big character flaw. I am MASSIVELY prideful. It's costed me potential relationships and long term friendships, all of which I have ended in the blink of an eye without hardly losing a second of sleep.

Over the years though I've realized it's taken a toll on my life and I will admit it, I've alienated many people because of it.

Even more so, I've learned an awful truth. That very same pride that SAVED me all those years ago and made me what I am now has also caused me to be incredibly judgmental, and ANY sleight to my pride is met with harsh retaliation. How can I take steps to fix this aspect of me?
How can I curb my excessive pride?
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