My girlfriend cheated on me but won’t talk to me about it?

I already know that it sounds like I’m a simp (& tbh I am), I had been dating my girlfriend for a little over 2 years & found out she cheated 4 months into our relationship, it really hurts, I feel resentment. So she cheated on me with the guy that took her virginity (makes it hurt a little more, but none the less the cheating part is really the issue) & he was bragging about taking her virginity & ‘fucking her behind her boyfriends back’ & had texts to prove it (my friends showed me them, & told me in detail the stuff he said). Initially I confronted her about it & she said she didn’t want to talk about it (no answers, no sorry). I’ve tried to talk about it because I’ve felt like shit for the past 4 months knowing this & every time she either brushes it off, threatens to leave my place, leaves or kicks me out of her place. It really doesn’t feel fair, I don’t know what I’m looking for but I want to feel safe & happy again. Falling in love with her was the happiest days of my life & now I’m so miserable. I don’t think I wanna give up yet, I at the very least want to be able to discuss it with her before I personally decide anything. So could I get some advice on how to talk to her about it.
My girlfriend cheated on me but won’t talk to me about it?
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