Shouldn’t you stick hard times out with your significant other?

I’ll be honest and say I’m not always the best boyfriend and I’m not perfect. My girlfriend on the other hand she’s sweet, kind and gentle. She gives off more of a nice, suburban good girl vibe. That’s how she is but I have temperament issues and the smallest things make me upset. I’m going through a lot right now and it just makes me take my anger out on certain people and it’s usually her because she’s always around. I say things and I disrespect her but only in the heat of the moment. I don’t mean it. The worse thing I’ve done is hit her and I feel awful and I apologize for it every time and she always says she forgives me but the moment she goes home and is away from me she stops replying to texts or stops answering calls as if he she’s upset or she’ll send me a text saying how she can’t do this (the relationship) with me anymore and how much I’m hurting her etc basically breaking up with me and it confuses me because I figured we worked things out and left on good terms considering she always says she accepts my apologies before she leaves and she always ends up coming back after she supposedly has broken up with me, that could be because I sweet talk her into coming back but it’s still confusing. Why pretend to forgive me if you really don’t? And if she truly loved me, why is she always so quick to give up on me and end things with me?
Shouldn’t you stick hard times out with your significant other?
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